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To provide first class service to our clients and their tenants, one cannot simply bullet point the scope of service that could possibly facilitate a smooth parking operation.  Such a deficient plan doesn’t work, parking companies that use this method offer second-rate services at a full operating expense.

Earning a reputation for being one of the best in the parking industry is not an easy feat – yet Monument’s broad range of parking services has earned the company the branding of a trusted resource.  Throughout our partnerships, Monument’s first priority has always been focused on seeing how to meet and exceed your expectations.

Varied Operation Techniques

Although technology has rampantly become the basis of all parking operations, a parking facility cannot simply “run itself” with the equipment solely.  It takes several location reviews and strategic planning to understand what method of operation is most beneficial.

Monument has and currently operates parking facilities that are both automated and fully manned.  Some parking garages may require one or both options as an alternative and it is our responsibility to meet the need.


Expenses, profit/loss, and operational strategy are three imperative areas in managing any business –particularly in parking.  Lacking the proper perspective and experience when making a decision will effect your bottom line negatively; and let’s face it, no one can afford any losses with the shape the economy is currently in.  Simply “taking someone’s word for it” doesn’t help your business, nor does leaving your company in the hands of an organization where no one seems to actually know what is happening within the facility.

As a leader and trusted resource in the parking industry, Monument can provide solutions to the overall scope of your parking operation.   By taking advantage of our new consulting & property analysis service or by submitting a request for proposal, you can receive recommendations on how to improve your parking operations, reduce expenses, and increase your profit margin.

Financial Reporting

With the help of Microsoft Excel and other similar software products, anyone can make a spreadsheet.  The question is, do you understand it?

Receiving and comprehending detailed reporting can be difficult if the company is not keeping your best interest at heart.  The bottom-line is and will always be, what are the expenses, profits, and losses.  To arrive at this point, the company you partner with must have the understanding of what a property management company needs to see, this is where customized reporting comes in.  With Monument Parking, we want you to “leave your keys with us”; our job is not to leave a “headache” with you.

The monthly reports submitted to your company from Monument Parking will be tailored to meet your needs.

Management & Leasing Services

Since both options are great and we can’t choose just one, Monument offers both Parking Management and Leasing Agreements as options for operating parking facilities.


Developing a new property or parking facility does not guarantee a fully occupied parking garage. And instead of waiting on the masses, Monument uses various marketing approaches to increase daily and monthly revenue.   Giveaways, ticket advertising, and parking gifts are not the only ways to create a buzz!  Check out our news & events section to see the various marketing strategies.

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