Is it necessary to leave my car keys with an attendant when I park?

Depending on space availability or whether the parking facility is close to capacity, monthly and daily parkers may be required to leave their keys with an attendant. All keys will be kept in a secured environment, such as a key lock box or valet key lock.

Are oversize vehicles accepted at all of your parking facilities?

Each parking facility has different height restrictions. Before attempting to enter any facility, check the height restrictions posted to avoid causing damage to your vehicle or the facility structure itself due to collision. You may also call the facility ahead of time just to verify that the garage can accommodate your vehicle.

What is the “Early Bird Rate”?

The “Early Bird Rate” is a special discount for commuters who arrive at our parking facility prior to a given time (times are set according to each specific garage). Please note, although this special is not offered at every facility, there are many Monument garages in downtown D.C. that extend this offer.

How can I find the parking rate for a specific location?

To find out the parking rate or other information about a particular location, you may view each of our facilities near your location of interest by viewing the “location” tab on our site or by clicking here. If the parking facility is not listed, please contact the main office at: (202) 833-9357 to inquire.

How is hourly parking calculated?

Hourly parking is calculated hourly, up to a maximum of the maximum rate applicable for that day.

How do Special Events and Adjustments affect the parking rates?

Hourly rates, daily rates and maximum rates are sometimes adjusted depending upon special events and other activities in the area. These charges are necessary to keep the facility open and operating on days when the facility might otherwise be closed, or because special events or customer requirements necessitate the adjustments. Examples include inauguration, parades, protest marches, concerts, etc. Please call the local facility where you want to park to see if any of these changes will occur and are applicable to you.

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How do I sign up for monthly parking?

To sign up for monthly parking, you may download a parking application and fax it to our corporate office at: (202) 429-5605 or go directly to the facility of interest and speak to a manager to begin immediately. For corporate accounts, please contact our main office at: (202) 833-9357.

I have lost my monthly parking permit, what should I do?

To obtain a replacement pass, please contact our main office with the following information: location of garage, permit number, and individual/company name. Once this information is received, a duplicate pass will be couriered to the location within 48 hours (2 business days) and available for pickup from the attendant’s booth. The fee for this permit may be made at that time. Please note: Customers who are found without a current monthly parking permit will be charged the prevailing daily rate.

May I use both the replacement and original permit?

Two permits cannot be used at the same time. For instance, two different vehicles cannot enter the garage on the same numbered permit – only one permit can be used. If two permits are found within the parking facility during the same period, both vehicles will be towed at the owners’ risk and expense.

Can someone else use my parking permit?

No. Permits are assigned to a specific individual and vehicle (as noted when initial parking application was completed). Monthly permits are non-transferable.

What if I cannot find a space in my lot and I am a monthly parker?

While this should not happen on a regular basis, there may be some occasions where a parking facility is at its full capacity. If this is the case, please speak directly to the facility manager to ensure your vehicle is taken care of.

How do I cancel my monthly parking?

To avoid additional charges incurring to your parking account, a cancellation form must be completed and faxed to Monument Parking no later than the 5th day of the current month. No form of verbal cancellation is acceptable. Cancellation form may be obtained by clicking here .

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Does your new online payment program offer security?

Absolutely. Monument’s top priority is to ensure all online transactions are safe and secure. Our payment program utilizes the most advanced and up-to-date security precursors to maintain your privacy and online safety.

How can I setup my payment account online?

Under Online Payment, you will find a complete tutorial on how to use our new system. Online payments have never been so easy! To get started, click here.

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What is the parking validation program?

The parking validation program is a cooperative effort between you and Monument Parking. While the parking fees will be charged to your company, this system will allow for your customers to walk away with free or reduced parking fees. This promotes your business by adding an additional level of customer service to your customers. Validation stamps are sold in books of 100 stickers and are priced based on the location of interest.

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My company is having a special event, how can Monument accommodate my clients?

To see how Monument can assist your company in making your event a success, please complete the online application for special events.

Is it possible to use validation stamps for my event?

Definitely. However it is best to complete the special events application to see if this would be a viable option for your company event.

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Thank you for choosing Monument Parking as your parking provider. If you have any additional questions or would like to suggest a question to be added to our site, please send an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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