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“Specialized experience translates into exceptional results.”

To deliver the high level of personalized services needed for parking management, Monument’s executive team consist of some of the best in the business.

Corporate Executive Officer
Sylvan Gershowitz

As Founder and Corporate Executive Officer of Monument Parking, Sylvan Gershowitz has always taken pride in providing first-class service to his customers. The success of Monument Parking is predicated on his vision and dedication to going the “extra mile.” He believes, “our strong point is that we don't conduct business from an ivory tower or far-away corporate headquarters. A business is only as good as the people who run it, and I am committed to being personally involved in day-to-day operations. No long line of intermediaries stand between me and Monument's clients, they are always free to contact me directly with their praise, requests, and concerns.” In the past, Mr. Gershowitz held the office of President for the Washington Parking Association and currently maintains membership. As a part of his commitment to community and public service, Mr. Gershowitz stands as a long time member of Heroes, Inc. and served as past Vice-President of the American Cancer Society – Washington D.C. chapter.

Vice President, Business & Finance
Kris Narayan

Since joining Monument Parking in 1988, Kris Narayan has been an invaluable asset to the company – proving his keen eye for detail along the way. As Vice President of Business and Finance, Kris is responsible for the company’s investments, payroll and accounting, human resource services, and financial operational reviews of current/prospective parking facilities. He currently holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Bangalore University and has also completed advanced studies in Statistics at Georgetown University.

Director of Operations
Michael Reese

With over twenty-five years in the parking industry, Michael has significant parking management experience. Prior to Monument Parking, Michael held such senior level positions as Regional Supervisor for Carr Park of Washington, D.C., District Manager for Crown Parking Corporation of Baltimore, MD, and Senior Area Facility Manager for Edison Parking Corporation of Philadelphia, PA. Currently at Monument Parking Company, he is responsible for all day-to-day parking operations, which includes initiatives and strategic growth plans. Michael joined Monument Parking in 1995.

Regional Manager
Joe Maye

After leaving the United States Navy as an Officer, Joe Maye joined Monument Parking in 1973. Shortly after seeing the work ethic Joe brought to Monument, he was promoted to Area Supervisor and thereafter raised to his current position as Regional Manager. Joe’s tenacious nature makes him an indispensable talent to the parking industry.

District Manager
Jonathan Gershowitz

As the son of Founder and Corporate Executive Officer, Sylvan Gershowitz, Jonathan or as the team affectionately calls him, “Johnny” knows parking. Since 1984, Jonathan has devoted his professional life to Monument Parking Company. From Facility Manager to Area Supervisor, he actively participates in the daily parking operations of all DC and VA locations. The company’s motto, “leave your keys with us” is a tenet Jonathan lives by.

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